Menin Rd South Cem.

The Menin Road ran east and a little south from Ieper to a front line which varied only a few kilometres during the greater part of the war. The position of this cemetery was always within the Allied lines. It was first used in January 1916 by the 8th South Staffords and the 9th East… Continue reading Menin Rd South Cem.

Birr Cross Roads

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery is located 3 Km east of Ieper town centre. The village and the greater part of the commune of Zillebeke were within the Allied lines until taken by the Germans at the end of April 1918. The village was recovered by the II Corps on 8 September 1918. Birr Cross Roads… Continue reading Birr Cross Roads

Brandhoek Cemeteries

Brandhoek is a hamlet approximately 4 km from Poperinge heading eastwards along the N308 towards Ieper. The hamlet contains three war cemeteries, all designed by by Sir Reginald Bloomfield and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). BRANDHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY Brandhoek Military Cemetery was created in May 1915, adjacent to one of the many… Continue reading Brandhoek Cemeteries

Korea War VC Recipients

Four Victoria Cross medals awarded for gallantry in the Korean War 1950-53; two of the awards were posthumously. UN MILITARY CEMETERY KOREA JAMES POWER CRANELieutenant Colonel (later Colonel) Carne was born on 11 April 1906 in Falmouth, Cornwell. He was the Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment. On 22-23 April 1951 near… Continue reading Korea War VC Recipients

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Victoria Cross

The Victoria Cross was founded by Royal Warrant on 29 January 1856, and was originally intended to be awarded to members of the Royal Navy and British Army who, serving in the presence of the enemy, should have performed some signal act of valour or devotion to their country. TWO VICTORIA CROSS AWARDS TO THE… Continue reading Victoria Cross

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Padre VC Recipients

The Victoria Cross was created to recognise valour on the battlefield. However, the VC has been awarded to non-combatants such as medical staff and padres. In fact, of the three people to have won the VC twice (VC and Bar) two of these people were doctors. This article is concerned with the five padres who… Continue reading Padre VC Recipients

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Seagrim Brothers

Derek Anthony and Hugh Paul Seagrim are the only siblings to have been awarded the Victoria Cross and George Cross. The diagram below shows the relationships between the people mentioned in this article. The five brothers Charles Montague Dudley, Cyril Vivian, Derek Anthony, John Halstead and Hugh Paul Seagrim were the sons of Charles Paulet… Continue reading Seagrim Brothers

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Double VC Recipients

Only three soldiers have been award the Victoria Cross medal twice: Arthur Martin-Leake, Noel Chavasse and Charles Hazlitt Upham. ARTHUR MARTIN-LEAKE Arthur Martin-Leake was born in Standen, Hertfordshire, on 4 April 1874. Surgeon Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) Martin-Leake was a member of the South African Constabulary then Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to the 5th… Continue reading Double VC Recipients