Australian Executed WWI

Over 300 UK soldiers, 25 Canadian and 5 New Zealand soldiers were sentenced to death and executed by courts-martial during the First World War. While Australian citizens serving in the Australian Army were sentenced to death, they all had their death sentences commuted. However, there were two Australians serving in the New Zealand Army and… Continue reading Australian Executed WWI

NZ Executed WWI

While just over 300 British soldiers were executed for capital offences during the First World War, 5 New Zealand soldiers were executed: four for desertion and one for mutiny. THE COURTS MARTIAL SYSTEM AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 CANADIAN SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 UK SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 The service papers for New Zealand soldiers can be view… Continue reading NZ Executed WWI

Ypres (Menin Gate)

The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial is situated at the eastern end of Ieper on the road to Menin (Menen) and Courtrai (Kortrijk). The memorial was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield, with sculpture by Sir William Reid-Dick. The site of the former east gate was chosen, as the thousands of troops matching towards the Ypres battlefields… Continue reading Ypres (Menin Gate)


Through a statute of Edward I in 1279, it was enacted that, by virtue of the royal prerogative, the sovereign of England had the right to command all the military forces of the nation. AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 CANADIAN SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-18 NEW ZEALAND SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-18 UK SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 The royal prerogative also… Continue reading Courts-Martial

Double VC Recipients

Only three soldiers have been award the Victoria Cross medal twice: Arthur Martin-Leake, Noel Chavasse and Charles Hazlitt Upham. ARTHUR MARTIN-LEAKE Arthur Martin-Leake was born in Standen, Hertfordshire, on 4 April 1874. Surgeon Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) Martin-Leake was a member of the South African Constabulary then Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to the 5th… Continue reading Double VC Recipients