Bourne End War Mem.

Bourne End is a village in Hertfordshire, situated between Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead. There was a rail disaster at Bourne End on 30 September 1945 when an overnight sleeper train from Scotland to London Euston was derailed causing 43 deaths and 64 injuries. Bourne End’s name comes from the Bourne Gutter which flows into the… Continue reading Bourne End War Mem.

Ypres (Menin Gate)

The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial is situated at the eastern end of Ieper on the road to Menin (Menen) and Courtrai (Kortrijk). The memorial was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield, with sculpture by Sir William Reid-Dick. The site of the former east gate was chosen, as the thousands of troops matching towards the Ypres battlefields… Continue reading Ypres (Menin Gate)

Canadian Executed WWI

While just over 300 British soldiers were executed for capital offences during the First World War, 25 Canadians were executed: 2 for murder, 1 for cowardice and 22 for desertion. THE COURTS MARTIAL SYSTEM AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 NEW ZEALAND SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 UK SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 A soldier’s service papers can be viewed online… Continue reading Canadian Executed WWI

Brookwood Cemetery

Brookwood Military Cemetery is located 3 miles west of Woking (Surrey), located right next to Brookwood Rail Station and the privately-owned Brookwood (Civil) Cemetery. In May 1917, with the establishment of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, it was recognised that a cemetery for the burial of Commonwealth personnel who had died as a result of… Continue reading Brookwood Cemetery