Abraham Beverstein

Abraham Beverstein was a Jewish soldier from the East End of London. Due to some people viewing it was dishonourable for a Jewish person to enlist as a soldier, Beverstein enlisted under the false name of Harris. He was also his parent’s only son. After enlisting in September 1914, he was sent to Aldershot for… Continue reading Abraham Beverstein

William & Albert Scotton

William Scotton enlisted in the Middlesex Regiment during July 1914, before the outbreak of World War One in August 1914. At the end of December 1914, Scotton was convicted of going absent. Despite this, on 23 January 1915, he repeated the offence. While he was absent, his unit had seen service in the front line.… Continue reading William & Albert Scotton

Robert Bell

The Field General courts-martial of Sapper Robert Bell took place on 4 May 1918. Sapper Bell was charged with the murder of 2nd Lieutenant Wynell Hastings Lloyd (123 Field Company, Royal Engineers) on 17 April 1918. PRESIDENT Major R.D. Williams (Welsh Regiment) MEMBERS Major F.R.H. McLellan (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) Captain D.C.R. Stuart (Border Regiment) 2/Lt.… Continue reading Robert Bell

Arthur Philip Oyns

Arthur Philip Oyns (94236) was a Sapper in 50th Searchlight Company Royal Engineers. Hwas tried by Field General courts-martial on 8 October 1917, with the charge that he did murder 28347 A/CSM T. McCain, 50th Searchlight Company RE, on the 13 July 1917 in the field (contrary to Army Act Section 41). PRESIDENT Lieut-Col S.H.… Continue reading Arthur Philip Oyns

Frederick Malyon

Frederick Malyon (13224) was a Sapper in the 12th Field Company attached Royal Field Artillery. Sapper Malyon was tried with desertion at a Field General Court Martial (FGCM) held at Mazingarbe on 21 March 1917. On 31 July 1916, while Sapper Malyon’s unit was at Brandhoek, he absented himself from his unit, until apprehended by… Continue reading Frederick Malyon

Ernest Beeby

Ernest Beeby was tried at Huppy by Field General courts-martial, in France, on 15 November 1916 with the charge of desertion. Pioneer Ernest Beeby pleaded not guilty to the charge of desertion. He was examined by a Medical Commission headed by the DADMS of 33rd Division (Major G.W.G. Hughes DSO assisted by Captain J.W. Wilson… Continue reading Ernest Beeby


Through a statute of Edward I in 1279, it was enacted that, by virtue of the royal prerogative, the sovereign of England had the right to command all the military forces of the nation. AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 CANADIAN SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-18 NEW ZEALAND SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-18 UK SOLDIERS EXECUTED 1914-1918 The royal prerogative also… Continue reading Courts-Martial

Alexander Chisholm

Alexander Chisholm (14780), an Acting Corporal, in the 20th Fortress Company RE, was tried by General courts-martial at Armentieres on 10 May 1915 on the order of Major General Sir T.L. Keir, KCB, commanding 6th Division. The Court consisted of PRESIDENT Lieu-Col T.W. Towsey (1st West Yorks) MEMBERS Major W.C.C. Bell (1st Middlesex) Captain H.B.… Continue reading Alexander Chisholm

Theodore Schurch

Only one British soldier was executed under the Treachery Act 1940: Theodore John William Schurch. Both William Joyce and John Amery were convicted and executed for high treason – a different offence. Theodore John William Schurch was born on 5 May 1918 at the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, Hammersmith, London, while his Swiss father… Continue reading Theodore Schurch