Mariette Smart

Mariette Smart was born in 1900, the daughter of a German Mother. She lived in the Vichey administered section of southern France. Following the Allied invasion of North Africa, the Germans entered the Vichey section of France in 1942. THEODORE SCHURCH Smart seemed to take great delight in betraying her French neighbours, and anyone else… Continue reading Mariette Smart

Theo. Schurch Statement

The following written statement was provided by Theodore Schurch, as a result of his interrogation in Rome. STATEMENT OF MARIETTE SMART 27 May 1945. STATEMENT OF: No. T/61711 Pte. SCHURCH, Theodore John William, 432 Company, Royal Army Service Corps, 201 Guards Brigade, 8th Army, 2nd Echelon, M.E.F. I am a Swiss subject and was born… Continue reading Theo. Schurch Statement

Theodore Schurch

Only one British soldier was executed under the Treachery Act 1940: Theodore John William Schurch. Both William Joyce and John Amery were convicted and executed for high treason – a different offence. Theodore John William Schurch was born on 5 May 1918 at the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, Hammersmith, London, while his Swiss father… Continue reading Theodore Schurch

Duncan Scott-Ford

Duncan Alexander Croall Scott-Ford was born on 4 September 1921, as Duncan Alexander Croall Smith, in a house in Clyde Street, Devonport. His Father, Duncan Scott Smith, was a sick bay attendant in the Royal Navy. His Mother was Mary Isabella Ferrett Croall. She registered her son’s birth on 28 September 1921. When their son… Continue reading Duncan Scott-Ford

George Armstrong

George Armstrong was one of only three British subjects who were sentenced to death and executed under the Treachery Act 1940. The other two were Duncan Scott-Ford and Theodore Schurch. George Johnson Armstrong was a British engineer born in Newcastle. At his trial on 8 May 1941, before Mr. Justice Lewis, Armstrong was charged with… Continue reading George Armstrong

Treason and Treachery

This article explains the important difference between two pieces of legislation used to execute people for their activities during World War Two. These two acts of Parliament are the High Treason Act 1351 (Amended 1945) and the Treachery Act 1940. High Treason Act 1351 (Amended 1945)High Treason (the highest form of treason – against the… Continue reading Treason and Treachery