Frederick Malyon

Frederick Malyon (13224) was a Sapper in the 12th Field Company attached Royal Field Artillery.

Sapper Malyon was tried with desertion at a Field General Court Martial (FGCM) held at Mazingarbe on 21 March 1917. On 31 July 1916, while Sapper Malyon’s unit was at Brandhoek, he absented himself from his unit, until apprehended by the Military Police at Wulverdinghe on 27 January 1917.

PRESIDENTMajor E.V. Manger (2nd Durham L.I)
MEMBERCaptain G.C. Bell (14th Durham L.I)
2nd Lt. G.E.R. Oakes (1st West Yorks Regt)

After returning an unanimous guilty verdict, the court heard that the accused had several previous offences.

23/08/14AdmonishedReported himself to guardroom at 9.30pm
31/08/148 days detentionAbsent from parade until 9.15pm 07/09/14
20/09/143 days FP2Absent from parade until 7am 21/09/14
06/05/157 days FP2Absent from 10 am to 2pm.
24/05/157 days FP2Absent from 8.30 to 9.45pm
29/05/155 days FP2Absent from billet whilst a defaulter
05/07/158 days FP1Absent from duty 8am to 3.45pm
19/10/158 days FP1Insolence to a NCO
18/03/1614 days FP1Absent from 8.30am to 10pm
04/06/167 days FP1Absent from billet
26/06/1628 days FP1Absent from billet

After the court-martial announced its verdict the Major commanding the 12th Field Company RE provided the following character reference.

This man’s character from a fighting point of view was POOR. He was continually going sick when under orders for the trenches.

I have had no opportunity of judging his conduct in action nor have any of my officers.

Sapper Malyon joined the 12th Field Company on 30 April 1915, and served continuously till going absent on 31 July 1916.

State of discipline of the unit is very good.

When Sapper Malyon first went absent this unit was under orders to move and it was generally believed that the Division was going to the Somme battlefield. I consider it possible that the crime was committed with the object of avoiding subsequent operations but I am unable to give a definite opinion.

Sapper Frederick Malyon, whose age is unknown, was sentenced to death by shooting with no recommendation for mercy.

The sentence was carried out at 6.34am on 4 April 1917 at Nouex-les-Mines. The death was witnessed as being instantaneous by Captain Anderson, RAMC, of the 17th Field Ambulance.

Medal Index Card for Frederick Malyon (The Western Front Association)
Medal Index Card for Frederick Malyon (The Western Front Association).

Frederick Malyon is buried at Noeux-les-Mines Communal Cemetery, Grave Reference I.P.18.