John Amery

John Amery was born on 14 March 1912, the son of Rt. Hon. Leo Amery, MP and Florence Amery. His younger brother was Julian Amery. John Amery pleaded guilty at his treason trial, which meant his court appearance lasted for just eight minutes. THE BRITISH FREE CORPS John Amery was captured by Italian Partisans at… Continue reading John Amery

Treason and Treachery

This article explains the important difference between two pieces of legislation used to execute people for their activities during World War Two. These two acts of Parliament are the High Treason Act 1351 (Amended 1945) and the Treachery Act 1940. High Treason Act 1351 (Amended 1945)High Treason (the highest form of treason – against the… Continue reading Treason and Treachery