British Free Corps

This article contains MI5’s Report on the British Free Corps (BFC) dated 27 March 1945. The report was produced in Appendix I of Adrian Weale’s book “Renegades: Hitler’s Englishmen” (Published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1994 ISBN: 0-297-81488-5). JOHN AMERY THOMAS COOPER WILLIAM PURDY GENERAL HISTORY About May 1943 the Germans announced to Prisoners of War… Continue reading British Free Corps

Walter Purdy

Walter Purdy was one of four British Citizens convicted of High Treason after World War Two. The other three were John Amery, William Joyce and Thomas Cooper. THE CASE OF JOHN AMERY THE CASE OF WILLIAM JOYCE THE CASE OF THOMAS COOPER Roy Walter Purdy was born in Barking, Essex, in May 1918. He qualified… Continue reading Walter Purdy

Thomas Cooper

Thomas Cooper was one of four British citizens tried for treason committed during World War Two. The other cases were John Amery, William Joyce and Walter Purdy. THE CASE OF JOHN AMERY THE CASE OF WILLIAM JOYCE THE CASE OF WALTER PURDY Thomas Haller Cooper was born in Chiswick, London, on 29 August 1919. His… Continue reading Thomas Cooper

Mariette Smart

Mariette Smart was born in 1900, the daughter of a German Mother. She lived in the Vichey administered section of southern France. Following the Allied invasion of North Africa, the Germans entered the Vichey section of France in 1942. THEODORE SCHURCH Smart seemed to take great delight in betraying her French neighbours, and anyone else… Continue reading Mariette Smart

John Amery Leaflet

John Amery’s Proclamation of the Legion of St. George is shown below. The use of capital letters is taken from the original leaflet. BRITISH NATIONAL REPRESENTATION PROCLAMATION TO ALL BRITISH SUBJECTS INTERNED FELLOW COUNTRYMEN: 150,000 of our fellow countrymen are in prison in the home country, because they have declared themselves against this fratricidal war.… Continue reading John Amery Leaflet

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John Amery Report

John Amery’s Father, Leo Amery, asked for a psychiatric report to be performed on his son. The report is reproduced on this page. The original document is held at the National Archives and has the document reference HO 144/22823. Any text effects used below are taken from the original document. PSYCHIATRIC REPORT BY DR. EDWARD… Continue reading John Amery Report

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John Amery

John Amery was born on 14 March 1912, the son of Rt. Hon. Leo Amery, MP and Florence Amery. His younger brother was Julian Amery. John Amery pleaded guilty at his treason trial, which meant his court appearance lasted for just eight minutes. THE BRITISH FREE CORPS John Amery was captured by Italian Partisans at… Continue reading John Amery