Women GC Holders

Four women have been directly awarded the George Cross, as distinct from exchanging a discontinued Albert, Edward or Empire Gallantry Medal. Three of the four George Cross awards to women were for service in the resistance in enemy occupied territory during World War Two. The fourth award, made posthumously to Miss Harrison, was for her… Continue reading Women GC Holders

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Herbert Cecil Pugh, GC

Herbet Cecil Pugh, the second of Harry Walter and Janet Pugh’s seven children, was born on 2 November 1898 in Johannesburg. During the period 1917-1919, Pugh served as a Medical Orderly in France. Due to his experiences in France, Pugh became a minister attending Oxford University during 1920 to 1924. With the outbreak of the… Continue reading Herbert Cecil Pugh, GC

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Seagrim Brothers

Derek Anthony and Hugh Paul Seagrim are the only siblings to have been awarded the Victoria Cross and George Cross. The diagram below shows the relationships between the people mentioned in this article. The five brothers Charles Montague Dudley, Cyril Vivian, Derek Anthony, John Halstead and Hugh Paul Seagrim were the sons of Charles Paulet… Continue reading Seagrim Brothers

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Yeo-Thomas, GC

Forest Frederick Edward Yeo-Thomas was born on 17 June 1901 at 45 Balcombe Street, Marylebone, London. His Father was John Yeo-Thomas (a coal merchant) and his Mother was Daisy Ethel Thomas (formerly Burrows). Wing Commander Yeo-Thomas, who spoke perfect French, parachuted into France on 23 February 1943 on his first mission which he completed successfully.… Continue reading Yeo-Thomas, GC

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Stanley Woodbridge, GC

Stanley James Woodbridge was born on 29 August 1921 in Chelsea, London, the son of James Henry and May Ashman Woodbridge, and the wife of Florence Edith Woodbridge, of Chingford, Essex. At the time of his death, Flight Sergeant Woodbridge was a member of 159 Squadron, based at RAF Digri, Bengal, India. On 31 January… Continue reading Stanley Woodbridge, GC