Wiliam Joyce Extracts

This page contains some extracts from other William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) radio speeches. Due to a ruling made at Joyce’s treason trial, only those speeches he made before 3 July 1940, when his UK Passport expired, were considered acts of treason. THE EXTRACTS Breslau, 5 July 1942:“What is the outlook with regard to this second… Continue reading Wiliam Joyce Extracts

Joyce’s First Speech

This article contains the text of the first speech made by William Joyce, that was identified as such by the BBC Monitoring Service. Although Joyce began his broadcasts in September 1939, it was not until this broadcast was made on 2 August 1940, that William Joyce’s identity was established. WILLIAM JOYCE’S FIRST SPEECH Britain’s Cowardice… Continue reading Joyce’s First Speech

William Joyce

The case of William Joyce must be one of the most famous treason trials in British legal history. Due to the legal issues involved, the case went to the House of Lords (the highest English court). Joyce did not deny that he committed the acts alleged, he denied that he had a duty of allegiance… Continue reading William Joyce